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AltruBio is developing first-in-class drugs for immunological diseases.

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AltruBio is a privately held company based in Bay Area, California and Taipei, Taiwan. For more info Please contact us at


AltruBio has established two functional committees under the board of directors: Audit Committee and Compensation Committee. AltruBio is committed to sound principles of corporate governance and believes that such principles are critical to our success as a company and to obtaining the trust and confidence of our shareholders and employees.
In order to ensure that the "stakeholder" (employees, shareholders, banks, consumers, and suppliers) have direct and communication channels with the Audit Committee to respect and maintain their rights.
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At AltruBio we’re united by our desire to push the boundaries of science. We have a passion for helping patients. It is this passion which fuels the work we do every day to bring innovative and empowered new therapies to those in need.

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