Company Overview

AltruBio is developing first-in-class immune-modulators to target diseases of the immune system. Its world-class global team brings a breadth of expertise in immunology and drug development to bring their biologic treatments to patients.  

AltruBio has clinically validated a first-in-class immune checkpoint regulator mechanism to selectively target unwanted T-cells. Our antibodies enhance PSGL-1’s natural immune function to down regulate late-stage chronically activated T-cells.

ALTB-168 is a first-generation PSGL-1 agonist with clinically validated safety, efficacy and durability demonstrated across multiple Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials. ALTB-268, our next-generation PSGL-1 agonist, has an improved target product profile including increased potency and subcutaneous dosing, allowing for expansion to new indications.

Our Mission

AltruBio is committed to the development of innovative treatments and prevention against inflammatory/autoimmune disease. Through the advancement of our technology platforms we aim to:

Further the understanding of fundamental mechanisms of immune system regulatione

Create better therapies for patients with immune diseases

Create innovative solutions in drug development and patient care paradigms